When All Else Fails: A Horn Players Vade-Mecum

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It has been the study, therefore, of the Author of this work, as far as possible, to reconcile them; and he has happily succeeded in a thousand instances, and in all he is as correct, as a work of this kind which consists chiefly of figures is capable of; he flatters himself, therefore, it will be found superior to other books of chronology, where no such attention has been paid. He has industriously thrown out, also, all unimportant matter, and given the Reader only such occurrences as he must wish to be acquainted with.

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This work being found highly proper to be put into the hands of youth, chronology being one of the chief branches of the belles lettres; to adapt it for the purpose, this edition is published; wherein the author has given a more enlarged view of English history, and flatters himself he has thus rendered it a complete school-book. THE events of different reigns, as they arose, may be found, by turning to the respective kings one after another. As to ages, this rule is observed; if a person at his death had entered only in his 40th year, he is recorded to have died, aged Names to which St.

The times in which such writers lived, as were bishops, if not found in alphabetical order, may be seen by turning to the list of bishops. Where references are made to Rem. This volume serves as a complete Index to all the Histories of England extant, by referring to the years in which occurrences happened.

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I have found that people choose to typecast certain segments of my work, but that does not represent the totality of the work. When Coltrane died, a void appeared in this music that has not been filled yet. He maintained a forward motion in his work and did not look back. Bill Dixon : The OFN Interview by Frank Rubolino October When one reflects on the innovators who were fundamental in propelling the second wave of the new music movement in the s, Bill Dixon's name always appears near the top of the list.

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His accomplishments as a musician and educator are vast, a small sampling of which includes his work as architect of the Jazz Composers' Guild in ; the formation of the Black Music Division at Bennington College, Visiting Professor in the School of Music at the University of Wisconsin, and Distinguished Visitor in the Arts at Middlebury College; his election as a Fellow to the Vermont Academy of Arts and Sciences; and his ongoing and challenging performance schedule that most recently saw him reunited with pianist Cecil Taylor and drummer Tony Oxley.

Simon Charles pointed out that the effects were in fact generated by the rather extraordinary vocal capabilities of Jenny Barnes.

In both stages materials were recorded digitally and onto tape, which was then further manipulated and collaged. There is a compositional strategy to the work that seeks extrapolate the text across various strata, which then sit in relation to each other to produce various kinds of tension. It's an odd effect, not really overused but appearing regularly throughout amidst passages of "straight" text.

There are also occasional contributions by a quartet of Jenny Barnes voice , Andrew Butler piano, harmonium , Phoebe Green viola, viola d'amore and Michael McNab percussion. Listeners who, for example, enjoy Alessandro Bossetti's investigations into voice and text may well like this one.

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Thursday, November 15, Tuesday, November 13, Monday, November 12, Saturday, November 10, Friday, November 09, Saturday, November 03, Morton Feldman - For John Cage all that dust. Suffice it to say, it's a big favorite of mine.

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I haven't done any direct comparison--I don't know how one would begin to do that with a minute piece like this, anyway--but my general impression is that this recoding fits in just fine, is as accomplished as any I've heard. There are moments, for example around the minute mark, where they take things at a brisker clip than I think I recall from other performances but, surprisingly, given my general preference for languidness, I find this works perfectly with no sense of fussiness or forced propulsion.

It's an excellent reading, a fine recording and highly recommended. I'd never heard Matthew Shlomowitz' work before but I admit that the title, 'Avant Muzak' put me off a bit. It sounded like the kind approach popular in NYC in the 80s, a certain snarkiness that seemed cool for a while but, in retrospect, is somewhat embarrassing. Here, as elsewhere, there's a sense of some kind of synthetic envelope around the sound, nods to the drum machine, sampler-obsessed music of years ago, as well as an uncomfortable evocation of Scott Johnson; perhaps its time has come around again, but this listener isn't quite ready for the reappearance of those stiff rhythms and globular tones.

There's often some nice intricacy in the writing, as in 'Muzak in the Shopping Mall', here summoning the spirit of Daniel Lentz, but--do we care? On it goes, almost always leading your hapless reviewer to recall other music--Fenn O'Berg's reworking of movie themes, Zorn circa 'The Big Gundown', etc. Well handled, yes; sonically colorful, very much so. But it feels empty. Shlomowitz' intentionality is clear enough, I just don't find it a very worthwhile target.

They range from around six to twelve minutes and seem to straddle composition and improvisation. To these ears, it sounds like a general idea was in place for each, within which Ballon freely elaborates, though I could be wrong.

Horn Matters | A French Horn and Brass Site and Resource | John Ericson and Bruce Hembd

In any event, the results are striking, evincing a deep concern with dark, bowed textures, rich overtones and layer upon layer of grain. Ballon demonstrates harshness, an extremely strong and riveting attack and a balanced, complex sense of form, allowing herself ventures both into frenzied storms and soft, if agitated, pools of quiet.

Pulse is often implied, on rare occasions overtly stated, generally, as in 'cloches fendues 2', well mixed with interests in pitch and scales.