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His writing-style is conversational, often incorporating his experience, as well as best practices from other industry experts.

The book is full of ways to apply this "no-BS" approach to work and life - I especially loved the "How to Start" sections throughout his chapters. I'm now reading his book for the second time and finding more nuggets of greatness to apply to my own consulting business and life.

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I have been following Joshua for a long time on LinkedIn and have enjoyed his sense of inspiration and humor. So glad that this book is bringing it all together, with wisdom and no-nonsense! The world needs more of this. Really powerful and concise - distills Josh's personal insight from years of coaching and lessons from some of the top 'motivational' speakers and writers. I've read a lot of books in the 'self-help' category, and this is truly one of the finest and most readable and actionable. It's not for the faint of heart as it requires one to take responsibility for everything happening in their lives - good and bad - but helps you do that in a way that's compassionate and that works.

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I Call BS is a great read for anyone looking to improve themselves and live a happier life. It's way simpler and less complicated than we make it out to be. The book is simple and an easy read but impactful.

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It's something I will read again and reference often. I would recommend to anyone looking who is looking to change and grow. Joshua Miller's direct and honest approach is both refreshing and effective. I consider myself to be a very direct and self-aware individual and I was surprised to find, on several occasions, that I needed to rethink my approach to certain areas of my life and work. He has an amazing ability to get you to reevaluate ideas that you would never have thought you could see from a different perspective.

Joshua Miller wants you to be happy.

Josh Miller's: I Call BS" is a brutally honest assessment and approach to helping people discover how to create the life they want and deserve. This book is on the mild side, with more thought processes and life than fantasy books usually give.

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It makes you think and gives you a different side of life than many of you may live. Cal is an interesting character for sure.

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Despite these qualities, Cal is surprisingly mature for her age and understands much of what a normal eleven-year-old girl would not. Amber seems like a very nice girl, if she was just willing to speak up more. I have to admit, though, the Knitting Lady is probably my favorite character.

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It left a pretty good feeling in me and also made me want to do something to help all of the kids going through similar situations. The story that the Knitting Lady tells is quite fascinating, and I enjoyed reading the chapters about Lillian, the main character in the tale.

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