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The wire mesh packing was composed of 35 layers of wire mesh sheet with a standard 1. The characteristics of the packings are shown in Table 1. These packings were chosen mainly due to the fluid flow path inside the column; while in the conventional packing column an axial fluid flow is found, in the RPB column the main fluid flow path is a radial flow. In addition, the feasibility of adapting them to a small size doughnut-shaped rotor and availability were very important factors that affected the choice.

The vapor was introduced into the housing and flowed radially in countercurrent to the liquid from the outer edge to the central gap of the rotor called the "rotor eye. The liquid from the condenser was sprayed by a distributor system from the rotor eye to as far as the outer edge because of the centrifugal force. This distributor at the "rotor eye" was formed of a group of fins 4. Figure 1 shows a detail of the distributor.

A motor was connected to the bed through a pulley system to produce the bed rotation and its rotating speed was varied within the range from to rpm, which resulted in a centrifugal force equivalent to 5 g to g.

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In this work, all experiments were carried out under total reflux conditions at atmospheric pressure. The liquid loads ranged from about 5. For these, the power of six electrical resistances ranged between W and W. For total immersion of these electrical resistances, 5 liters of liquid holdup were provided in the reboiler.

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Liquid samples at rotor outlet x A,0 and liquid reflux of the column x A,1 were taken and analyzed after the steady state was obtained. The average time to attain the steady state was about 20 minutes after establishing liquid reflux. The physical properties of the pure components were calculated using experimental data provided by Vargaftik and Reid et al. Volumetric Overall Mass Transfer Coefficient. The K y a e obtained for the centrifugal bed could be determined using mass balances on a differential volume of the Higee rotor and transfer unit concepts, as shown in Figure 2.

The equilibrium vapor composition and temperature at the average local atmospheric operating pressure of mmHg were predicted using the Wilson equation. The binary interaction coefficients were obtained from Gmehling and Onken Liu et al. The values of m and b were determined for each run fitting the best straight line between x A,0 and x A,1 at the VLE curve.

Figures 3 and 4 show the effect of rotating speed on the volumetric overall vapor-side mass transfer coefficient for various liquid flow rates at the same concentration for the Raschig ring and structured packings, respectively. According to the results shown in these figures, the effect of rotating speed on K y a e at high liquid flow rates is more considerable than at low liquid flow rates for both packings.

As shown in Figure 3a , for higher liquid flow rates such as 1. Above this value, K y a e was practicallyconstant, probably due to the small residence time ofthe liquid and vapor currents. This behavior was similar to those shown in Figure 3b , at the highliquid flow rate that provided a maximum K y a e at around rpm. However, Figures 3a and 3b show that at low liquid flow rates, such as 0. This suggests that at lower liquid flow rates centrifugal force had practically noeffect on K y a e. Comparison of Figures 3a and 3b ,shows that the r01 packing higher void fraction provided higher K y a e values than the r02 packing higher specific area.

This result led us to conduct a new set of experiments using the e01 packing, which provided the highest void fraction.

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Figure 4 shows the effect of rotating speed on K y a e for the e01 packing under the same conditions as thosepresented for the r01 and r02 packings. The same trend can be seen for the e01 packing, i. However the considerable increase in K y a e at rotating speeds up to rpm did not occur.

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Also, the results show that, at low liquid flow rates such as 0. The ATU concept is in a form similar to that of HTU G height of a transfer unit , used in the conventionalcolumn, and it denotes a measure of column efficiency. According to the equipment configuration, the Higee isa polar rather than a Cartesian coordinate system, i. HETP height equivalent of a theoretical plate isthe other way to express equipment efficiency. The rotating size utilized in our work was small, resulting in a verylow number of theoretical plates and so HETP datacan not be distinguished properly.

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Changes in K y a e with rotating speed are directlyreflected in the value of separation efficiency. Theeffect of rotating speed on ATU G for various liquidflow rates, using the r01 and the r02 packings at a fixed concentration, is shown in Figure 5.

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