The Torso (Inspector Huss Book 3)

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Chapter 3. Who Goes There narrated by Edward E. French

I did notice that even as the body count was rising precipitously and perhaps preposterously , the detectives would go home every night and eat on time at nice pubs. This may just be a cultural habit, which I find more interesting than something to be critical about, coming from a culture where work is more important than any bodily function or relationship.

But at one point Police Inspector Huss does not warn a potential victim about his safety, and at another point allows her daughters to travel alone on an overnight when the killer is actually stalking her and her family. Since death, and a very grisly death indeed, is the probable outcome of a mistake at this point in the story, I find it hard to believe that such a reasonable person as Irene Huss has proven herself to be would make this kind of choice. Unfortunately, Tursten then became for me just an ordinary writer instead of a magician.

The Torso (Huss 3)

But I do like her main chancter enough to make another attempt. Pluses: Written in an easy-to-read style. The central character was likeable and fully fleshed out and the murders were truly gruesome. Minuses: Where it faltered a bit was the pacing. I could've used a lot less description of drinks, meals and weather--which took up 50 pages or so. All in all, a good read. Would likely make a fantastic movie. Dealing with the subject of necrosadism, this is not a murder mystery for the fainthearted.

Arne Dahl — Intercrime Series (1998–2007)

A torso, just that, a torso with all distinguishing features that would even indicate the gender having been carved out and internal organs removed, is found in a washed up black trash bag. The Swedish criminal investigation department are completely baffled and without distinguishing mark, limbs and a head, it is difficult to even identify the victim.

And where are the missing appendages, for that matter? Expanding their search, they discover that over in Denmark, there was a similar murder, also with just the torso found, but in that case though, they were able to identify the victim eventually. Upon a closer examination, a small tattoo is discovered on the Swedish torso. The tattoo is unique and Inspector Irene Huss is sent to Copenhagen to work with the police team there, perhaps there's a connection between their torso and the one her team are working on.

In addition, her trip will help her try to locate the missing daughter of a family friend, last heard to be working with a modeling agency in Copenhagen. Eventually, smaller pieces of the puzzle start emerging, and a picture of very disturbing necrosadism forms, although the murderer's identity continues to confound. And why is it that almost everyone Inspector Huss speaks to is later found dead? Although the evidence and story unfolds slowly, it builds the anticipation and provides for a really good thriller.

As is so often the case, the real pleasure of the book was not in the solution to the crime, but in the day-to-day details of the police in their professional and personal lives. The series, featuring female chief detective Irene Huss, is one of the best of the genre, I think. Inspector Huss is very competent, both at work and in managing her busy family life, and she is NOT depressed -- which may be an even more distinctive characteristic than her femininity.

In this one, the upper half of a human torso washes ashore, starting a massive investigation that reveals more deaths, more clues, and more horror. As in so many Scandinavian mysteries, ritual serial murder drives the plot one wonders: how many ritual serial murders actually take place in that law-abiding part of the world? But the plot focusses on police procedure, and the personalities of the police and the witnesses rather than on the "yuch" factor. Great read. A distinctive tattoo leads to the identification of the body, and also takes DI Irene Huss of the Goteborg Police to Copenhagen, where a similar and unsolved murder occurred a couple of years previously.

Loved it. Interestingly, there is a striking similarity in Huss's mutilation-murder and the murder-mutilation of a prostitute in Denmark several years earlier. My first read by this author, and overall, a thrilling if gory at times read. The main character is an Inspector Irene Huss with the Goteburg Criminal Police and in this book she is in contact with the Danish police.

Irene Huss is very down to earth, trying to look after her family and also do a demanding job. She comes into contact with all sorts, some very macabre and also deals with colleagues who look down on her. This book deals with bodies which have been cut up, homosexuality and all kinds of li8fe. Also try Irene Huss Investigates.

Another book from Helene Tursten. She has written more books but, sadly, they have not been printed into English. Steven on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago very good book.. A great read.

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The detective inspector is a married woman in Sweden investigating a brutal murder, that turns out to be one in a series of murders. I have spent sometime in Sweden and Norway, and I found the people cosmopolitan, sophisticated and well educated. But the society is not violent.

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When compared to a similar U. I felt like I was reading a novel about a s sheltered upper middle class housewife who suddenly finds herself in the midst of a novel about a serial killer. The story begins with the gruesome discovery of part of a human torso in a black plastic bag on a shoreline near Goteborg. Detective Inspector Irene Huss, whose superintendent suspects is a magnet for killings, is one of the team called in to investigate.

When they learn of a similar torso turning up 2 years earlier in Copenhagen, Irene is sent to liaise with the Copenhagen police. Her investigations reveal strong connections between communities in Sweden and Denmark. The twelve films were made in two installments; a first round in which the films were released in and then a second round in which the films were released in All films except the first one was released directly on DVD, while the first film went up to the cinema before it was released on DVD.

The films have also been shown countless times on Kanal 5 in Sweden and ARD in Germany , as these have been some of the financiers to the movies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Categories : births Living people People from Gothenburg Swedish-language writers Swedish crime fiction writers Women mystery writers Sweden Noir writers. Namespaces Article Talk.

The Torso (An Irene Huss Investigation #3) (Paperback)

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