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May Update: Chinese Treasure in California? What Did the Olmec Skywatchers See? Many reviewers of historical romance care deeply about the accuracy of the temporal period rendered in a novel. All you will get from me is a complaint if and only if the error is so great it derails my enjoyment of the story. I then continued to read. This novel is the fifth featuring the interwoven tales of the Windham family. Maggie Windham is, at thirty, the oldest daughter of the Duke of Duke of Moreland.

The Duke and Duchess adopted Maggie when she was a young child and have treated her as one of their own ever since. Maggie loves her family deeply and will do and has done anything to protect them. Maggie is missing her purse in which are letters she is determined no one see. After searching for a week or so on her own, she turns to help from the Hon. Benjamin Hazlit, a man who has previously helped her family with a discrete investigation.

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He suggests to her the two pretend to be courting which will give him an excuse to be in her household and company without her reputation suffering. This is not a Secret Baby story. Perhaps my favorite scenes in the book occur between him and his cousin, co-hort, and heir, Archer Holloway. Each night, the two men sit and discuss the happenings of the day. These conversations are routinely amusing.

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Maybe you should go a round or two with Lady Norcross. Lady Norcross apparently understands this. You used to understand this.

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I certainly understand it.