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Suddenly, everything went dark. She woke up completely naked and without shoes in the woods of Alabama. She was also missing her glasses. Her eyesight is so bad that without her glasses, she is legally blind. She became lost in the woods and found a walking stick to help her maneuver through the wilderness. Lisa claims that she has no memory of how she ended up in the woods in the first place. She may have been drugged. She was lost for a total of 28 days.

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Doctors believe that she lost 18 kilograms 40 lb. She survived by eating mushrooms and berries and drinking water from puddles. When it rained, she would wring the water out of her hair and drink that. Her legs are scarred from scratches, bug bites, and poison ivy. She eventually found a road and collapsed from exhaustion. A female driver thought Lisa was a dead animal but immediately pulled over to help her and called once she realized Lisa was a human being. The ambulance arrived, and Lisa was reunited with her family.

By the time Lisa showed up alive, they had already been arrested for a theft around the same time as her disappearance. Lisa claims that the entire experience completely changed her life. It gave her a new appreciation for everything. She kept the walking stick as a reminder of her journey. During an interview, she clutched onto it in appreciation of how it saved her life.

The weather suddenly got very bad, and they could no longer see where they were going. They both fell into a ravine, where their lives were only spared because they found shelter in a cave on the edge of a cliff.

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They had no way of escaping for seven weeks straight. Eventually, they ran out of the food they brought with them. Ultimately, Liu died, and Liang slept most of the time to conserve what little energy he had left. The rescue team found them only three days later. Liang was still alive, but he had lost 30 kilograms 66 lb , and maggots were already eating away at his right leg, which had been injured.

The rescue team was only able to find Liang and Liu because vultures were circling around their bodies. He was lifted out by a helicopter and brought to a hospital immediately. Barbara was lost in the middle of Virginia. She tried stopping at a gas station to ask for help.

The clerk tried to help her with the GPS.

She was around 1. However, no other cars passed on the dirt road for several days. Meanwhile, their family was worried. It turns out that the dirt road was on private property, and the owner found them. Checkout Your Cart Price. Description Details Customer Reviews A collection of essays following lives of two families who own land and hunt in rural South Carolina. Review This Product No reviews yet - be the first to create one!

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Email address subscribed successfully. His disappearance captivated the nation, as did the story of his miraculous survival.

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The New York Times covered his plight. A parade was held in his honor. Fendler became lost while hiking the Katahdin Hunt trail, the end section of the newly opened Appalachian Trail.

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He was alone, cold, without food, and only years-old. At one point, a small pair of footprints were discovered that led directly to the lip of an overhanging cliff that plunged hundreds of feet to the rocks below.

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Fortunately, Fendler was also a Boy Scout and had some backcountry experience. He decided to spend a night in the crook of a large tree, then try find the trail in the morning. He was determined not to let panic overtake his thought process. He kept walking for nine days. Meanwhile, search and rescue operations were combing Mt. Dogs sniffed the underbrush, Boy Scout volunteers searched just off the trails, employees at a nearby paper mill, familiar with the environs, poked into hidden spaces.

Still, the search continued. Fendler was quickly losing weight and most of his clothes. He took his shoes off to wade through a creek and lost them. To keep his pants as dry as he could, he took those off only to watch them be carried downstream.

Wilderness training may have helped sisters, 5 and 8, survive 44 hours lost in California woods

For food, he tried to eat berries when he could, at one point, however, he encountered black bears dining at the same bushes he targeted. Donn moved on. Temps at night were practically freezing and Donn had no pants and no shoes. Black flies and mosquitos plagued him constantly, crawling into his eyes and ears, driving him nearly mad.