The Fifth Crusade

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  • Fifth Crusade - Assault on Damietta, Al Adil, the Ayyubids and Fifth Crusade.

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The Fifth Crusade

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Fifth Crusade

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These, of course, were not the only campaigns. The Fifth Crusade consisted of various expeditions against Egypt. In , Cardinal Pelagius led a crusade in Egypt.

He seized Damietta and tried for Cairo, but al-Kamil, sultan of Egypt, defeated them. He gained Jerusalem from al-Kamil in in a treaty.

The Fifth Crusade

However, at the time Frederick was excommunicated, owing either to earlier delays in fulfilling his crusade vows or to the pope's desire for his lands in southern Italy. Therefore, Jerusalem, even though in Frankish hands, was under interdict. The Franks Franj lost Jerusalem for the last time in