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Actually more than one, but I think that was because of my expectations for today and the story was pretty true to its time. And I still loved the book. Times have changed Question: is this a series that is best started with book 1? Nancy, I don't think the Albert Campion series really needs to be read in order. Campion does age throughout the books and thus he matures, but really it doesn't matter.

I could not have read them in order the first time I read them because I just got whatever I could find at the library. I probably read them the first time in my twenties too. I find them more consistently enjoyable than Christie's books, but Christie wrote a lot more, which makes a difference. Allingham really was good at weaving complicated plots without losing the reader in the process, in my opinion. And I think I agree with you, Tracy, that her work got better with time.

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Glad you enjoyed this one. Yes, Margot, even with a lot of characters in this one, the story was not hard to keep track of. I really must read this one soon especially as you enjoyed it so much. Campion does improve such a lot as he ages, I really didn't like him much to begin with. Marriage improved him maybe!

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I am sure I must have read all of the Campion books earlier, Katrina, except maybe Tiger in the Smoke, but I skipped some of the earlier ones when I started re-reading them. Some people prefer the early ones.

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I definitely am liking them more as I get closer to the end. Still have a few to go though. Where has Allingham been all my life?? Right where she'd always been, I suppose, but now I know where!! Thanks, Tracy.

There are so many good authors that you cannot read them all, Mathew. But Allingham is definitely a good one to try someday. It's so weird that as much as I love vintage mysteries, I still have not read one of hers. Ryan, I think if you ever try a book by Allingham, you will like it. I like the later ones more, myself.

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I hope I like it when I do, but not especially my kind of author. Definitely not your kind of author, Col, but I have heard that Tiger in the Smoke is different. I may have read it way back when, I certainly thought I had read everything by Allingham, but I remember nothing about it. Thanks for the shoutout Tracy - as my posts reveal, I love this book, it is one of the best in the series, and a most entertaining read - I have read it several times.

“My very favourite of the four Queens of crime is Allingham” - J K Rowling

I'm glad you enjoyed it too - there is always depth to her books isn't there? I was surprised it was the 10th - I thought it was earlier in the series. I was surprised that there are so many books in the series, Moira, but I did skip some of the early ones this time through. I got the copy of the omnibus, with dust jacket, at the Planned Parenthood book sale a few years back, very cheap. Margery Allingham described this book as "a satirical comedy contrasting the characters of two young career women who have fallen in love with the same man" in her remarks in Mr.

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This may be my favorite Albert Campion book yet; it is almost perfect. Ramilies disappears after an official dinner and does not return until the afternoon of the next day — he says he has been drinking all night. When the flight is due to take off, he cannot be found — he is eventually found dead in the plane. The officials attempt to smooth over his death and a doctor is ready to give a certificate that he died of natural causes, but then Georgia mentions that she gave him a painkiller to take which Val had given her for herself. When a post mortem is carried out there is no evidence of unnatural death.

However, the rumour that Val tried to poison Georgia because they fell out over Alan Dell becomes widespread society gossip.

Caroline Adamson contacts Campion with information but fails to turn up for their appointment. Then Stanislaus Oates calls Campion in to Scotland Yard — Caroline has been stabbed and her body dumped in the countryside. Sinclair, Georgia's young son, tells Campion and Amanda that Ramillies was actually terrified of flying, but that he knew of an injection which would make him feel ill for four hours, then feel fine for the flight.

Campion thinks this is how he was killed. As the police close in on Val because of the painkiller story, Campion tracks down the men who dumped Caroline's body. They run a restaurant which provides accommodation for various criminal activities — they are not saying who killed Caroline and they have destroyed all the evidence. Amanda gives a party to celebrate breaking off her engagement to Campion — she is calm about it, but he seems upset.

Campion tells everybody what he has found out — that Portland-Smith was blackmailed by Caroline and an accomplice until he killed himself, that Ramillies was given an unknown drug which killed him, and that Caroline was murdered when she tried to blackmail her former accomplice. Then he argues with Amanda, throws her in the river, and leaves.

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Campion visits Ferdie Paul and explains that the crimes were carried out for Georgia's sake. A message asks Campion to follow, but on the way he is knocked out and taken to Amanda's cottage where he is placed with his head in the gas oven to fake his suicide. But at the vital moment, the police burst in — Campion has arranged in advance for them to follow him. Ferdie Paul is revealed as the man who tried to kill him, and he was also responsible for the other deaths.

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Campion recovers. Now that the fake engagement is over, Amanda asks for her ring back — Campion says he will marry her if she wants. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Fashion in Shrouds First edition cover. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.