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In the flower category, he said, marigolds and zinnias are wonderful options for those who want to plant directly into their gardens. When directly sowing seeds, the most important factors are air and soil temperatures, Pandian said. Because all seeds have different requirements, he said to be sure to check for this information on seed packets or the Internet, and to be sure to find out when the last frost typically happens in your area so you can plant after that date. He said in the vegetable category there are two kinds of crops, and each has its own temperature requirements. These crops include beets, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, Swiss chard, peas, radishes, spinach, lettuce, onions and potatoes.

To find out what your soil temperature is, Pandian suggests buying a soil thermometer and inserting it in your garden bed. When the soil is cold, it will take longer to germinate. Some exceptions are cukes, pumpkins and squash that need warmer soil temperatures of about 70 to even 75 degrees.

Ensure warm soil. Put your finger in the mound and drop the seed in. That will help the soil temperature, and your seeds will germinate faster. Planting in a raised bed is also a good option; the soil warms up very quickly because the beds are typically 10 to 12 inches above the ground. Another way to heat up your soil, he said, is to rototill your garden bed, remove any weeds or debris, then take a black garbage bag and spread it over the soil. Pay attention to depth. For things like lettuce, just press the seeds into soil.

Some plants also like to be lower in the soil and need darkness.

Know which seeds require special care. Thompson-Adolf added that there are also seeds that need a bit of prep work before they are planted. Seeds that have a hard outer coating such as Nasturtiums need scarification, which is when you take sandpaper or a nail file and take a little bit of the outer coat off the seed.

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You also want to direct-sow bloomers that don't transplant well as seedlings, such as Morning Glory, Nasturtium, Poppies and Moonflower. Annuals that require a long time to grow from seed are best started indoors.

How to sow seeds outdoors | Garden Gate

Examples include Cleome, Petunia, Nicotiana and Amaranth. Other warm-season annuals, including Cosmos, Marigold and Zinnia, grow quickly from direct-sown seed. Prepare Soil — Use a rake or hand fork to loosen soil. Break apart large soil clumps, and remove debris, such as sticks, rocks and roots. Add amendments to soil, such as fertilizer and organic matter, to create the most ideal growing situation. Finish by creating a level surface. Dig In — Most seed packets describe planting depth.

The rule of thumb is to plant at a depth equal to three times the seed diameter. There are exceptions.

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Some seeds require light to germinate and should rest on top of soil. Press such seeds firmly against soil using a board or trowel to ensure that moisture cradles the seeds. Moisture Matters — After planting, water seeds with a gentle mist or shower. Avoid using a strong splash or spray, which can dislodge seeds.

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It's vital to keep soil consistently moist. In a sunny spot, this may mean watering twice a day. Building Raised Beds. Starting Seeds Indoors. Direct Sowing Vegetable Seeds 7.

Planting Out. Learn more… Find links to articles, blog posts, and videos on starting vegetable and flower seeds: All About Starting Seeds. Impressive video. Really a great explanation on direct sowing seeds.

How to Grow Direct Sow Seeds

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