Return of the Rogue (A Sinclare Brothers Series)

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Finn shouted and raised his fist at the Orkney men as they sailed off. The other warriors who sailed across the strait to retake Orkney were all dead, either slaughtered on land or drowned at sea. He looked up at the imposing Girnigoe Castle on the cliff above him and considered the wisdom of completing that task.

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His Sinclair relations were a suspicious and violent lot, even by Highland standards. What the hell. Finn was desperate for a drink, so he picked up the bloody bag and started for the castle. The Sinclair chiefs had been the Earls of Orkney until the king of Norway gave the Orkney Islands to Scotland in the marriage contract between his daughter and the Scottish king. As part of that royal exchange, the Sinclairs were forced to trade their rich lands on Orkney for Caithness, a region with vast expanses of infertile moors in the northeast corner of Scotland, a few miles by sea from their former home.

Though this occurred over fifty years ago, the Sinclairs had long memories, and the loss of Orkney still rankled. When the Sinclair chieftain decided to defy the Scottish king and fight to retake Orkney, his pride outweighed his common sense.

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He winced when a shot of pain ran up his leg like a hot blade, as if he needed a reminder of the consequences of his error in judgment. He had no obligation to fight for the Sinclair chieftain. The guards at the outer gate were surly, as usual.

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The Sinclairs were wild and ruthless fighters, but sorely lacking in humor. Though Finn was a close kin of their chieftain, his father was a Gordon, which made Finn a Gordon and a member of an enemy clan. The guards sent word of his arrival ahead and let him pass through the gate into the west barbican.

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From there he crossed the first drawbridge, passed under the iron portcullis of the second gate, and crossed the courtyard with the guest hall and lodgings. Finally, he reached the sliding drawbridge. They would take him over a moat to the main part of the castle, which was built atop a long, narrow outcropping of rock that extended into the sea. It contained the tower, additional lodgings, the chapel, bakehouse, and other essential buildings surrounded by a perimeter wall. Finn paused to take in the sheer cliffs that fell to the sea beneath the wall.

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He was starving as well since his Orkney captors had not seen fit to feed him in the three days since the fighting. We've emailed you instructions for claiming your free e-book. Tell us more about what you like to read so we can send you the best offers and opportunities. Skip to content. Bookshout App We have partnered with Bookshout and recommend using their app as a simple way to read our e-books.

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