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The Sun and the center of the Galaxy are only two points: they always form a line! So an alignment in space of the Sun with the Galaxy is meaningless. Throwing Earth into the mix changes the situation. In this case, an alignment of all three objects is probably something rarer, right?

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In fact, an alignment of Earth, the Sun, and the Galactic center will not happen for over 4 million years! The closest the Sun appears to be next to the Galactic center is about 6. It will take well over 4 million years for the Solar System to move around the Galaxy enough to allow us to see the Sun projected directly in front of the Galactic center. From our perspective on Earth, the Sun does appear to pass in front of the band of the Milky Way twice per year currently once in December and once in June.

It has done this every year since the beginning of the Solar System, 5 billion years ago. So there is nothing special at all about this kind of alignment. From a perspective in space, we can see that the Earth and the Sun do not align with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy on December 21st, This perspective is from within the plane of the Solar System looking from behind Earth toward the Sun and toward the center of the Galaxy. This perspective is from above the plane of the Solar System and we can see the two different lines of sight from Earth to the Sun and from Earth to the Galactic center.

Also note that there is no alignment of planets on this date, which some doomsday theorists claim. On December 21st, , the Sun will be aligned with the middle of the Milky Way band, from our perspective on Earth though it is not aligned with the Galactic center. In this part of the Milky Way, there are several dark rifts and the Sun appears in one of them.

However, when the Maya created the Long Count calendar over 2, years ago, the Sun would not have been seen in this location in the Milky Way on the Winter Solstice.

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The exact alignment of the Sun with any spot in the heavens on a specific date therefore only occurs every 25, years. There is evidence that has convinced several scholars to think that the classical Maya knew about this precessional drift in time of solar-stellar alignments.

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Indeed, the evidence indicates that the ancient Maya may have synchronized several of their calendars to alignments of important constellations with the Sun. They may have calculated the locations of these constellations into prehistory to make these alignments coincide with mythological events.

If they were able to run the precessional clock backwards, they could just as easily run it forward. Such astronomical observations were well within their observational capabilities. After 72 years they would note that the alignment was happening one day later. Every company. The dates of holidays have to be reset. And it's all totally unnecessary," he said — Henry went to work. His calendar is a refined version of one designed in and known eponymously as Bob McClenon's Reformed Weekly Calendar.

McClenon established the four-quarter, pattern to the year; Henry added the extra week, which if inserted into years starting or ending on a Gregorian-calendar Thursday would almost perfectly account for Earth's Back in , when Henry's calendar was first publicized , he called that extra week the Newton week in honor of Sir Isaac. It was a heady time. Whereas in Pope Gregory needed a decree to tweak the Julian calendar established 1, years earlier by one Julius Caesar, Henry had the internet.

But history is littered with upstart challengers to the Gregorian crown , from the United Nations-denied World Calendar ending on Worldsday, marked on the calendar as "W" to the Raventos Symmetrical Calendar 13 months, including three with 28 days to the Symmetry Calendar not a single Friday the 13th. When year-end news cycles turned, Henry's calendar was left behind. This time around, Newton is out. The extra week is simply called the extra week, and Henry is joined by Johns Hopkins economist Steve Hanke. Their rhetoric is bottom-line as well as common-sense. The Hanke-Henry calendar would streamline financial operations, they write in an article republished by the libertarian Cato Institute , because Gregorian calendar anomalies make a muddle of interest-calculating conventions.

Sunday-only Christmas and New Year's holidays would also eliminate their mid-week appearances and "get rid of this zoo we're in right now, when the whole economy collapses for two weeks," Henry said. Not satisfied with conquering calendrical irrationality, Henry and Hanke take on timekeeping, too. Time zones would be abolished, as would Daylight Saving Time, of which Henry is especially not fond.

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It might be a little strange at first — people living in the western U. Nikki McClure's artwork has been a favorite in my house since my son was born and we received one of her children's books as a gift. We all love her style, which is reminiscent of Japanese wood-block prints, and the single word messages on her calendars are rich with meaning. Midwestern artist Amy Marcella's calendar features a graphic, botanically inspired print on each slender page.

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Each print can be trimmed and framed when the month is over, so you could have quite a collection of new art by year's end! Craving some fun with your calendar pick this year? Try this crested shield version from The Paper Thieves. You could even use this as a quirky statement piece above your fireplace. Breathtaking hand-drawn botanicals and feathers blend with snippets of song lyrics from greats like Joni Mitchell and Cat Stevens.

Colorful and fun with folksy illustrations, this mini calendar from deka-Animals is sure to become a favorite — whether you tuck it into a stocking or keep it for yourself. I love the modern graphics on the Cute Animal Calendar from Loopz. Sure, it's great for a child's room, but it's fresh and cheerful in a grownup's office as well.

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  7. I know I want one! This poster-size calendar from Two Dot Two would be beautiful in a bedroom or other private space. I love how even the names of the months are hand-drawn. Her new calendar would put a smile on my face each and every day. Looking for something crisp, clean and modern?

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    5. Look no further than this single-page calendar from Miles of Light. It features one feather illustration at the top and simple sans serif fonts, all in black and white. Le Papier Studio's silhouette calendar is back for !

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      It features fresh, modern silhouettes all on a single, elegant wall hanging. Graphic design studio Bold and Noble comes up with the most original, striking designs. Their screen-printed wall calendar features geometric designs in mustard and gray, making it perfectly pleasing to both guys and gals. Next: Check out more calendars for the coming year. Comments 3 Showing 2 Languages. With all procedes to charity and great photography of the animals by Howard Stern.

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