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Garcia's Ex-Wife To Get $1.25 Million / `Mountain Girl' had sued star's estate

MG: Yeah, there is, actually. Like, I had not seen the stuff from up at the lake on the way back — or the Millbrook part, either. When they come in with the green smoke bombs? BR: Yes! It was great that somebody went ahead to be able to capture their entrance! MG: And you know, at that point they were running out of film — and film was wickedly expensive back then. Oh, what a character he was! They were like strong cheese — they were exactly who they were and kept the ball rolling, all of those people. BR: I already know this is a doomed question: do you have a favorite Neal story?

Something that sums him up?

MG: Oh … how do you sum up Neal? He was such a character — and he always had a sidekick. He always had some young guy that he was teaching how to be a character. MG: Oh, it was so much better of a story before they cleaned it up.

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Neal was the most amazing womanizer in America at the time and Kerouac tells the story beautifully. I really recommend it. Thank you. MG: laughs Imagine it! I think the LSD experiments convinced him that words fail to convey imagery properly. What he really wanted to do is have all this colorful imagery on the screen and he only partially succeeded in making that work. It was so complicated …. MG: Oh, yes — an amazing job. They found these beautiful scenes, cleaned up that film, and made it look all fresh — an incredible job.

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They did some creative scenes to put it all together, too, which people will eventually notice — it helps the story flow. They did such a marvelous job. BR: So, the bus itself was a machine, of course — but mystical at the same time —. Art could be an ongoing project.

When I first put my hand on the bus and felt it already had layers of paint and bubbles of stuff stuck on it, it seemed like it had been worked over several times already. I was so excited, because it meant that people had touched it and walked on it and fiddled with it and gone back and repainted stuff and it just … it was exciting.


BR: And then, sadly, you watched first-hand the disintegration of the bus over the years. The scenes in the movie of the original bus all gutted out were sad to watch. MG: Well, but come on — it was a something-or-other! Your email is never published nor shared.

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Welcome to. Twitter Facebook. Garcia might save on his taxes. They dismissed Ms. Adams Garcia's one-paragraph post-nuptial agreement in terms reminiscent of the Dead song ''Shakedown Street. Adams Garcia, 49, who has also been known as Mountain Girl since her days as one of the Merry Pranksters who introduced thousands of young Americans to LSD of the mid's, celebrated the judge's ruling today with her two daughters by Mr. Garcia and her daughter by the novelist Ken Kesey. Garcia, 47, who is the co-executor of Mr.

Garcia's estate and its largest beneficiary, said she would consider an appeal if the Superior Court judge in the case, Michael B. Dufficy, did not change his mind before his ruling was made final in a statement of decision. Before his death, Mr. Adams Garcia drafted the settlement herself, and Mr.


Garcia signed it at a quick meeting on May 11, Garcia's lead lawyer, Paul Camera, argued that the deal was invalid under California law for a variety of reasons: The couple had not done a proper inventory of their assets; Ms. Adams Garcia had failed to return properties she had received under an earlier, verbal accord; family support payments that Mr. Garcia owed at the time were never taken into account.

View all New York Times newsletters. And not only that. The widow's lawyers said Mr. Garcia, indulged by greedy friends and neglected by the series of women with whom he had relationships, had sunk into a fog of heroin addiction that left him susceptible to all sorts of manipulation and that Ms. Adams Garcia took advantage. Garcia said of Ms. Adams Garcia today. But she is an extremely aggressive woman.

Judge Dufficy dismissed the challenges under family law, interpreting the agreement instead as a contract matter. Jerry's estate cannot rescind the contract after Jerry is gone. Just as the two women had argued over the size of Mr. Adams Garcia should be put in context: ''They all want money.