Love to the Women

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I love your smells.

When 'Love What You Do' Pushes Women to Quit - The Atlantic

Even if no other men out there love the way you smell, I love the way you smell. In fact, I adore it. I consider it an absolutely necessary part of any romantic experience and I think that your significant other should too. From the softness of the smell of your hair to damp fleshy fragrance of your neck, I love it all.

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Even the pungent and acidic tang of your armpits on a hot day is always a treat. This has happened a lot.

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I think the most we ever hear about how men feel about the scent of a woman, in general, comes from men who claim to be repulsed by the smell of a woman, especially the vagina, and I sincerely believe that I also tend to see this as a huge red fleg when talking with potential male friends. They persist in saying this, the foul liars, and just look at what they do.

Statements such as this are more comprehensible when we realise that they were written in the year of the Somme. Women in Love is a modernist novel with roots in 19th-century realism. Towards the other great 19th-century Russian, Dostoevsky, Lawrence felt an aversion, but he was perhaps a deeper and more significant influence.

When ‘Love What You Do’ Pushes Women to Quit

Dostoevsky anticipated modernism by emphasising the interior and unconscious aspects of his characters, who often behave in outrageous and irrational ways. Consider the opening of the novel. The description of Gerald becomes symbolic, starting off a train of symbolism that culminates in his death in the Alps.

As often in this novel, it is hard to know how conscious the thoughts and feelings attributed to the character are supposed to be. Another way in which the novel departs from realism is that the narrative proceeds, not by cause-and-effect action, but by a series of symbolic scenes that reveal the characters to themselves and to each other. The novel proceeds by a series of emotional pulses, emanating from scenes such as these. The locomotive, as if wanting to see what could be done, put on the brakes, and back came the trucks rebounding on the iron buffers, striking like horrible cymbals, clashing nearer and nearer in frightful strident concussions.

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The mare opened her mouth and rose slowly, as if lifted up on a wind of terror. Then suddenly her fore feet struck out, as she convulsed herself utterly away from the horror. Back she went, and the two girls clung to each other, feeling she must fall backwards on top of him.

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Maybe ... men just love differently.

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