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I tried to take another path but the horse caught Up and started rolling on me, but it wasnt crushing me it was hugging me… Could you Tell me what this means please? Thank you so much!! Hi, I found your website when I was looking for dream meanings. Tonight I had the most strange dream. I dreamed that I was going home, and while I was going through the usual path, there were several dead dark horses on each side.

It was a horror scene. There were like 50 dead horses. When I arrived home there was a yellow scorpion in my house, and a unknown grey cat, the cat was very friendly and it was clearly afraid of the scorpion, and the scorpion was very fast and very aggressive, trying to sting me and a friend of mine that was there too.

Main symbolic meaning

We were able to kill the scorpion. After that I kept the cat. After a while there was someone nocking at my door, it was the cat owner but after seeing the cat so happy with me, he let me take it definitely. I wake up very serene but a little bit disgusted about the horses. In this case the Freedom that Horse speaks of does not seem to be my own, but the Freedom of someone close to me.

I gave someone bad advice recently, which in the end was me trying interfere with their ability to make a very important decision, one that would effect them much more than me.

Sometimes when we think we are trying to help those we care about, we try to do so by placing reigns on them. Sometimes the best way to help is to step aside and let those we care about the Freedom to make their own decisions.

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Today morning while doing self contemplation I came up with a thought that my purpose of life is to feel love as a primary emotion. The moment I had this thought and closed my eyes I felt a Black horse running to me.

I was taught to ride almost as soon as I could walk, and the gentleness of the powerful being still does not cease to fill me with wonder. That Freedom, that sense that I cannot own or be owned is an important part of who I am and what I have always believed. I learned to ride around the same time that I learned to walk and my friend and teacher Roger worked with horses. Horse rides through my dreams very frequently and she always fills me with a sense of trust, faith and well being. I was walking thru a forest in the night Suddenly a group of wild horses came galloping out of the woods, I stood with my back against a tree, watching them run out to valley….

The horse in my dreams may have been a pony, it was rather small.

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It was brown. The vision was preceded by an ache in my right thumb knuckle joint. This was translated to me as my being wary from holding the sword for battles, time to lay the sword down and release the ways of the warrior which are not for this lifetime. And so I did. I consciously did guided exercises of a sort to release the warrior with honor and dignity and release him, embracing instead the ways of the healer, woman, mother, lover, writer, etc.

In the dream, however, the brown horse was dead. It lay with its neck twisted in an unnatural way, indicating its lack of life force energy. I could not see its face. Behind the horses lifeless body was a large, fat snake; a constrictor of some kind, some sort of python, and a brown bear. I quickly went into a mobile home where my father sat, very relaxed, slouching in an easy chair watching TV. By the time I closed the simply constructed screen door behind me, turning to face the outside, I saw the bear was coming up onto the porch.

At know point did the bear act aggressively toward me, I just knew he could offer me danger if he chose to. I looked down and saw a partially eaten bologna sandwich, the typical sandwich of my childhood in my right hand. I threw the sandwich over the bear so it landed just off the porch and the bear turned away from me to look at the sandwich.

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  • Horse Symbolism & Meaning.

I awoke. I suspect I may have some ideas on the translations of this, but would really like to know what anyone has to say about it. This was not a dream. At about 3 am , something made me open my eyes, only to see a huge white Pegasus next to my bed, from floor to ceiling, and when I saw the Pegasus , it spread his wings open. I can even see the details of its feathers. Then it disappeared. I also seen a angel with blond hair, smiling with pearl teeth, wearing a white gown , at the corner of my ceiling.

Well Betty.. He explains to me that he just saw a wolf standing not 10 ft away starring at him , then it just vanished.. NOW I myself am psychic and have been seeing things for years.. But my son has only felt things, now hearing what you have said of its seemingly picking up and happening a lot more in last few days then I would say that something regarding the spirit world is really getting active … In short if what your seeing is more from your 3rd eye minds eye and not hurting or leaving a negative imprint on you then look for any messages ,, and or seek what seeing means..

Now the thing is on this site , most things are for dreams ,, the interpretation of say seeing a fox in dreams differs from seeing one in real life ,, and even more so when your talking about mythology and these type of creature as people put it …. Betty, you are connected to the higher realm. Look at the time your comment posted. Look up the mean of such numbers.

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My horse experience is not a dream. In the last few weeks something I now know is my solar plexus chakra has been energised by a million volts. It is like I have swallowed a star. It is so intense, but light. I am seeing many complex colorful pictures in my head. So clear I can zoom in and out on the minutest detail.

So I have been feeling electric, happy and alert. Over the last 7 or 8 months my lifestyle has drastically changed. I spend many, many hours alone, through choice. Mostly in areas of nature as I live next to a acre country park. Some spots in this park I sit and spend hours. I smoke my pipe and sometimes drink a beer or two. One area takes about 45 minutes to walk to and close by I discovered a horse field. The brown one has come over both times I visited, the white one never.

On Monday I was in the park and decided to go to the distant spot I have mentioned. I spent about 90minutes there before then thinking of the brown horse and decided to say hello. As I walked there, in the opposite field on my left I was acutely aware of a horse running up and down, snorting and obviously agitated. I approached the gate to this field and this agitated horse came over snorting, walking around and coming back to the gate.

I to suggested it carried on running up and down to release some of its obvious huge energy. The horse shook its head no, then used its head to point in my direction. Then it started kicking the gate hard and within seconds had torn it down. This was amazing. I looked around for a number to call, maybe owners etc, and as I walked off, the horse jogged up behind me.

When I turned round, it stopped. I walked back to the gate, horse followed, then 4 or 5 other horses in a different field ran over. I edged away while they communicated. I found 2 horse riders in the distance and told them what happened. They knew the escaped horse and got her lead. Then I noticed the 2 horse riders were on the brown and white horses I had come to see. Again only the brown one came to me. I have the escape and destruction of the gate on video as I knew something odd was happening.

With the recent energy change in me, this horse incident and the universe seemingly providing unusual opportunities like this for me, would I be wrong to have paid such close attention to horses recently? Is there some symbolism in this? I think power animals live and dwell in our energy centers, especially the solar plexas. Shamans have been known to carry whole herds. How did it make u feel? My dream was vivid and replicated my regular drive home, in my own car when I came across 2 harnessed brown horses on an empty cart travelling towards me. I stop safely on a small bridge and the horses seem to stop too.

I notice that one is wild eyed and sketchy and the other is a calm and steady cart horse working away. The crazy horse slowly nudges my car off the edge of the bridge and I fall into the abyss below.