ANGER Managing The Volcano Within

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Warwick Pudney works with men and boys in the fields of anger, gender relations and fatherhood.

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His passion is to help men live more creative lives and to facilitate social change. The father of three teenage children, Warwick lives and works in both Australia and New Zealand teaching, counselling and developing training programs. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Condition: New. Seller Inventory n.

A Volcano in My Tummy : Helping Children to Handle Anger

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Shipped from UK. Established seller since Seller Inventory BB Seller Inventory BTE Book Description New Society Publishers. Seller Inventory I Seller Inventory mon Eliane Whitehouse ; Warwick Pudney. If you have ever felt so furious you haven't been able to control yourself, you have a problem managing your anger. Other signs of being affected by anger could be less obvious and include:.

Also, some medicines can cause aggression. See your doctor if you think any of these may be the underlying cause of your anger. Anger management is about making sure you are in charge of your anger, rather than your anger being in charge of you. If you stay in charge of your anger, you can express it in ways that are healthy and safe for you and everyone else.

If your anger takes charge of you and you lash out with your words or your fists, you and other people are at risk of being hurt.

If you keep all your angry feelings bottled up inside, that puts you under stress and that is not good for your health. It may lead to smoking, drinking or using drugs to keep your anger pushed down.

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The researchers combine game play with behavioral therapy that teaches such anger management techniques as deep breathing. The game also serves as an icebreaker for therapists. This in turn allows them to open up about their difficulties. During the early stage of testing the game, the researchers recruited children who were inpatients in a psychiatric unit. A recent trial of the game compared patients receiving the normal course of treatment with those receiving psychotherapy coupled with game play.

Gonzalez—Heydrich cautions that the study was small, and that a larger, randomized controlled trial has started. The kids reported feeling less angry. Raised in isolation, he had no role models.

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  • He had never even witnessed a fight. Yet when he stepped into the ring, he had all the moves. He postured, lunged, and boxed, dancing like Muhammad Ali and jabbing like Sugar Ray. How did he feel when he faced his first foe? It is a question for the ages, for our victorious pugilist is a fruit fly.

    Such research, although it does not translate directly to human anger, can provide insights into hostility and bullying. Kravitz saw similar unlearned, unpracticed fighting instincts in lobsters, making the question about hardwired anger even more curious. He selected flies as a model for teasing out the genetics, though, because flies can be bred rapidly and raised in complete isolation. Kravitz has found that flies show aggressive behaviors when they face competition for resources, such as food or a mate.

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    At first, they all fight the same way, but over time, winners and losers emerge. Even bullies, the victors who keep picking fights and winning, will lose their competitive advantage after just one loss. In these transgenic flies he can selectively turn on and off neurons that contain serotonin and dopamine to determine what roles these neurons play in aggression, fight intensity, and the creation of pecking orders.

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    Serotonin, he found, is crucial for fight intensity. Without it, flies will not do battle with gusto. Dopamine appears to inhibit aggression: In its absence, flies fight at higher intensity levels. Kravitz and colleagues plan to isolate the specific neurons involved and work out the circuitry that governs these behaviors. Elizabeth Dougherty, a former science writer at HMS, is now a freelance science writer and novelist living in central Massachusetts.

    The Science of Emotion. Cowboys, Pit Crews, and a Bit of Dr. Scientists probe wrath's nature in the hope of devising cures. Sticks and Stones Verbal abuse injures young brains Everyone feels anger. Martin Teicher, pictured above, has documented the damage that parental verbal abuse wreaks on the brains of their children. And televisions.